Prefabrication Technology in Today’s Construction Industry.

The use of prefabrication in construction industry is not new, but is been used since early 19th century. In prefabrication the components are build inside the factory or in some cases in temporary plants. These components are transported to the site location where they are assembled together to form the complete building or structure then assembled on the site location to form the whole building. With the use of prefabrication its been said that the construction projects are completed much faster compare to traditional building methods at the site location. Also since most of the components are build inside the factory in a controlled environment, it gives higher quality and makes maintenance easy and manageable. The popularity of the prefabrication has increased after the first world war. As there was a huge demand for homes that need to build quickly and also at cheaper rater. The prefabrication process were mostly used in United States, Europe and also in Asian countries like India.

Porta cabin is another thing which is gaining popularity in construction industries. Though porta cabin or portable cabin is widely used in construction sectors, its application is not limited to provide mere temporary accommodation. Modern portable cabins are used as site office cabin, public toilets, security cabin, bunk houses, changing room, shops, cafeteria and public booth. Many governments also use portable cabins for providing shelters to police force and government staffs. Portable cabins also provide perfect solution to ever increasing needs for space for schools and universities. Portable cabins can be easily customized to be used as classroom and rooms for teachers and students. Most modern Portable Cabin Manufacturer provides amenities such as air conditioning system, electrical socket connections and running hot water for daily use. In the events of natural disaster, these portable cabins are also used for providing temporary accommodation to thousands of people who have lost their homes.
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Impact of Modern Technology On Our Day To Day Life

Technology helps in improving the standard of our day to day life. It also makes our life much easier and allows us to spend more times on ourselves rather than on work. Today’s technology has opened the door of many opportunities for us. The rise of internet has made it much easier to find out things, communicate with others and do research without facing much difficulties. Think about the early centuries, how much difficulties those people would have been facing without electricity, television and transportation. Imagine yourself what would have happen if you could travel back in time and find yourself in small Indian village.

Things would be so difficult, if you were in the 12th century, how would you cook your favorite food without oven or microwave?. How would people eat their food without spoons and fork. Also think about the transportation with no cars and trains. The only transportation available at that time was horse and camels. Technology has made open education possible, through television and internet distance education has now become possible. A huge number of students can now learn through this facilities and make their career.
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